Quacker Style Chicken Coop

Quacker Style Chicken Coop
Red, metal roof, roost, door, window

Available in Many Colors & Siding Options.  Over the Years we have built many Custom Chicken Coop Designs to meet the needs for your Feathered Friends.  Do Not Hesitate to ask for Something Special.

Chicken Coops Include

(2) Chicken Windows

(1) Chicken Door

(1) Single Walk Door

(1) Roost


3/4" Treated Plywood Floor

Metal or Shingle Roof

Nesting Boxes and/or Feed Box

* Free Delivery (deliver not included for 5x6 & 5x8 sizes)

Additional Options Available

Extra Roost = $2 per linear foot

Extra Chicken Door = $50

Extra Chicken Window = $75

Wheel Assembly = $595

Electrical:  Per Light Fixture, Recepticle, Switch, or Drop Cord = $40/Each

Standard Sizes Available

5x6,  5x8,  6x8,  8x8,  8x10,  8x12,  10x12,  10x16

Custom Sizes Available

Chicken Facts:

  • Chickens that are allowed to free range onlyu 3-4 SF since they only use the coop for nesting and roosting purposes.
  • Chickens raised inside the coop (never free range) should have 8-10 SF per bird.
  • 12-14 hours of natural or artificial light will get more consistent egg production.
  • Generally 1 nest per 4 hens.