A-Frame Style Shed
Double Doors
Shingles, Dutchlap Siding

A-Frame shed shown with 4" Dutchlap Siding.

Available with 4" or 8" Grooved Duratemp Siding,  8" Silvertech Siding, 4" Dutchlap Siding,  Metal or Vinyl Siding.

-  6x8, 6x10, 8x8, 8x10, 8x12, 8x14, 8x16

     Includes 6' 4-1/2" walls & up to (1) 24" x 36" aluminum window.  6' Wide buildings include 1-36" or 47" standard wood door.  8' Wide buildings include 1-60" standard wood door.  All vinyl buildings come with slab doors.

-  10x10, 10x12, 10x14, 10x16, 10x20, 10x24

-  12x12, 12x14, 12x16, 12x20, 12x24, 12x28, 12x32, 12x36, 12x40

-  14x16, 14x20, 14x24, 14x28, 14x32, 14x36, 14x40

     Includes 7' 4-1/2"walls and up to (2) 24"x36" aluminum windows.  10', 12', 14'  Wide buildings include 1-72" double door.  All vinyl buildings come with slab doors.

Porch Package Upcharge:

  The building length includes the porch.  The A-Frame will receive a steeper roof and 6'10" side walls.  Includes a loft above the porch.  The standard porch length is 6', but you can make it whichever size you want.

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